Friday, March 3, 2017

Looking for Reviewers

Hey, friends and zombie fans! I’m looking for reviewers who are interested in checking out my latest young adult zombie novel. It’s called Humanity’s Hope, and it’s the first book in the Saving Humanity series.

I have pdf versions of the ARC available, so please email me at pembrokesinclair @ hotmail . com (remove the spaces) if you are interested. I’ve included more information below.


Caleb, a 17-year-old boy, survived the zombie uprising, but he didn’t come out of the ordeal unscathed. He’s been scarred—both mentally and physically. The rest of humanity is trying to rebuild, to make the world normal again. Caleb is trying to return to a normal life also, but after all he’s seen, after the loss of his family and friends, the transition is difficult. The darkness that led him down a path of self-doubt and self-harm keeps trying to creep back into his mind.

Things only become worse when he discovers he’s immune to whatever makes a zombie a zombie. Fighting zombies was predictable. He knew what to expect. Fighting humans is volatile. They are malicious and treacherous. They won’t stop to get what they want, and Caleb has to figure out exactly what that is.

*Trigger warning: attempted suicide