Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today in History: Lizzie Borden Inquest Starts - #1LineWed

On this Day in History:

The inquest for the murders of Andrew Borden and his wife, Abby Durfee Borden began today on August 9, 1892. The inquest concluded on August 11.

Lizzie Borden was also called on to testify, though her testimony appeared mixed-up and sometimes nonsensical, maybe due to her being given morphine by her neighbor and family physician Dr. Seabury Bowen beforehand. Or maybe not. The testimony was not used at her trial the following year.

You can read Lizzie's testimony with questioning by District Attorney Hosea Knowlton HERE. 

It makes for interesting reading as she goes from saying she'd gone into the barn to find sinkers and then she was standing there eating pears.

** Does reading it change your mind as to Lizzie's guilt or innocence? Feel free to share your thoughts!

** As it's also 1 Line Wednesday - #1LineWed, here's a line from the inquest testimony asked by DA Knowlton. You really have to read or skim much of the testimony to get an idea of how this line fits in.

Q. I ask you again to explain to me why you took those pears from the pear tree?
A. I did not take them from the pear tree. 

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