Monday, January 21, 2013

Best - and Worst - Zombie Movies?

Loved this idea for "List of the Day" I found at Paste Magazine. Their list? The 15 Best Zombie Movies. Their list I'll admit had quite a few films I'd never heard of, and haven't seen yet. (And can you believe that 500 movies were made with zombies? Only?)

Their list:

# 15 -  Pontypool (2009) A take on War of the Worlds with a verbal virus twist...

My take: I think the all time worst zombie movie I saw in recent years was one where it was part game show and wrestling and zombies... I don't remember the name as it was so bad I turned it off after 10 minutes.

Of note: One I'm sure I've seen being a Bela Lugosi and old movie fan:

  # 3 - White Zombie (1932) - with Bela Lugosi

# 4 - Dawn of the Dead (1978) - zombies in the mall.

My take: This was the first zombie movie I saw in color which made the gore more horrific. This and "The Pit and the Pendulum" are two movies I've never forgotten.

#7 - Zombieland (2009) - a favorite. Thought it was goofy and fun.

My take: This classic is considered to have started it all, and remains a favorite. There is something about the starkness of black-and-white that makes it more horrifying, yet touching, without grossing you out.

*  List of Zombie Movies at Wikipedia

** What are your favorite zombie movies? Which ones did you think should've stayed buried?


  1. I tried watching POntypool twice, once while working on my zombie novel and the other actually paying attention with my boyfriend. Way too talky. and I have a good attention span. My favorite is the original Dawn of the Dead, and my latest fave is The Dead, which is set in Africa and makes slow zombies scary again.

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  3. ...can't help it...Shaun of the Dead is still my favorite.
    I did recently enjoy Fido, and groaned all the way through Last of the Living. Last of the Living really was bad, but it did have one redeeming scene. ...zombie in a parachute. Okay. That was funny.