Monday, January 14, 2013

From film to page, and page to film, zombies and vampires...

  I'm not one to follow trends, usually. In fact, I'm usually late to the party.

Given my interest in most things paranormal and a longtime vampire fan before I was bit by the zombie bug, you'd have thought a book with the title, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter would've caught my attention.

Funny, I didn't pay much attention for some reason. Then I saw the movie trailer not long ago and thought, wow, is that intriguing!

Well, having just watched it, this may be a first where a film got me interested in a book. I loved it! The premise - that Lincoln's battles and the Civil War had a far more serious and nefarious danger behind the scenes - was entirely plausible. For me, it worked.

Lincoln as the emancipator took on a whole new role. As an author, this is the kind of thing you should look at - the layers of what could be, what might be.... and the consequences. Turning history on its ear and giving it a paranormal twist is not only fun, but can be taken in so many directions.

It gives me food for thought for a novel-novella idea I've been toying with... yes, with zombies, of course!

So this was a switch for me, where for once, I actually saw a film before I read the book. Now hoping the book is better and not too different, but looking forward to reading it.

* Anyone read this one or see the film? Reactions?

* Your thoughts on books to film.... does it ruin the read for you? Disappointed usually or like them?


  1. I also usually see a film after reading the book. Quite often the film just doesn't impress me as much as a good read no matter how good it turns out. There,s a lot to be said for that book experience so i'll get myself a copy too, sounds good. x

  2. I saw that movie also when my DH rented it from the library. Very imaginative!

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Funny thing was the book originally didn't catch my eye as much. But I'm definitely intrigued now.

  4. I've wanted to read the book and see the movie. Just haven't had the time. I'll probably just watch the movie on Netflix.

  5. I have watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, as well as Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies, and I really liked them both.
    As for films ruining books, I don't mind too much. I don't have the ability to clearly visualize things so a movie just makes the story much more real to me. I am only really disappointed in scenes cut from the movie because the book had too many scenes.