Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fun zombie story and a chance to help wounded vets

Cover art by Frr Mallory

Zombies on skis?  That’s worth a read—and a chance to help a wounded soldier’s family.  I'm  publishing her humorous zombie novella, “Shambling in a Winter Wonderland” at  Neeta and Ted are zombie exterminators trying to take a vacation on the slopes of Utah, but when a ski/snowboard team comes back from the dead, they get hired to  put them back under.  There’s excitement, humor, romance, and shredding with the undead!

This is more than a fun story, however;  I am using it to raise funds for Operation Homefront, which provides emergency financial aid to wounded members of the armed forces and to their families.   The story is free, but I have a donate button on the website.  Enjoy the story and if you would like to help out, donate as little as a dollar.  For every $10 in donations she gets, I’ll post the next episode (or if she gets $500 total, she’ll post it all.)  I'm also offering books for bigger donations.  However, EVERY CENT GOES TO OPERATION HOMEFRONT.    

Tweet:  If you enjoy zombies, skiing, funny horror, or helping others, visit , check out the story  & donate.

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