Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More cool zombie gadgets!

Looking for some cool zombie gadgets? Check out Neatoshop.com. They have some awesome things, like Zombie Salt and Pepper Shakers! Great for parties, giggles, and making an otherwise meal of brains a little more appetizing.


Train your dog to kill zombies with GoDog Plush Zombie!  The body contains absolutely no stuffing and features a crunchy mylar texture that dogs love. They even squeak or grunt like real zombies when bitten!Visit ThinkGeek.com
Curl up to a good zombie book wearing your Zombie Snuggle Blanket! Keeps you warm and puts you in the right mood for reading about the undead. Check out  entertainmentearth.com

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  1. Like those salt and pepper shakers!

  2. I love the dog chew toys! Although, chewing on a zombie might not be a good thing for a dog or anyone...you're basically creating a possible Cujo...