Friday, July 12, 2013

Zombie Research

I know a lot of people who would cringe to hear the word "research."  What?  You want to learn things on your own?  You're reading a textbook and you're not in school?  They are forgetting the most important part of that phrase: zombie.

I've started my research for my nonfiction project, and even though I am reading a textbook about the Principles of Public Health Microbiology, and zombies aren't mentioned, it's still fascinating.  I love thinking about how real-world issues could be easily translated into a zombie apocalypse.  It's giving me some great ideas for my novel!

I readily admit that I'm a nerd.  I'm proud of that.  Personally, I think research is fun, especially when the end result is to enhance something I truly enjoy!

Have a great weekend and learn something new!

Michael Koske, zombie from The Walking Dead.


  1. Sounds interesting (the project, NOT the textbook) ha!

  2. You might be surprised at how interesting the text book is. At the moment, I'm reading about water supplies. Do you have any idea what water has to go through to make it clean for us to drink? Fascinating. Then again, I'm a huge nerd! :)