Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zombies and Giant Monsters, Oh My!

Fellow writer and author Stephen D. Sullivan has an interesting project going... a Daikaiju (Giant Monster) serial that'll run each week free at his site.

Think Godzilla and Mothra... remember all those old Japanese monster movies?

Fun idea and intriguing. He'll be posting a new chapter each Friday or on the weekend. Chapter two should be up but by now, but here is the link to the whole project called DAIKAIJU ATTACK. And here's the link to Chapter 2.

He'll also be adding new art headers, so be sure to check it out! And if you're really into the monster thing, there is a discussion group on Facebook.

And..... lest you think I am getting off-topic... Stephen also has two zombie projects in the works. Check out the teaser zombie graphic for his upcoming "secret" project. Can you guess what it is based on?

I will be doing an interview with Stephen later once his zombie project goes live. Stay tuned.

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