Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zombie Collectables

Are you a zombie fanatic as well as a Department 56 collector? Then you've probably seen the Department 56 Original Snow Village Halloween.

There is the comical "Whack A Zombie"
Or the "Sleepless Walking Dead Zombie"  who reminds me of myself, after a long week of daycare.
Or the "Zombies Voodoo Band", whose music is to die for. (Okay, I know... I know... weak joke. It's Tuesday and haven't had enough Java)

Anyway.... moving on to more spooky collectibles that would definitely go great with your zombie figurines-

Halloween Railroad Station

The Halloween Saloon

Spooky trees

The suave vampire and his sexy sorceress

And the ghosts...is that a hot-tub? At least they're keeping their sheets on...lol...  

Anyway, check it out.

 Department 56



  1. Love that stuff! I could have so much fun decorating with it! :-)

  2. I am definitely going to have to check that collection out. I love Halloween and that would be really cool. :)

  3. There is some really cute stuff there! I'm tempted too!