Monday, June 16, 2014

Next Summer of Zombie Dates

Here are the rest of the upcoming Summer of Zombie events - I'll have an interview up on  June 22 so be sure to come back for the info. 

* Check Armand Rosamilia's blog for updated links. * See Facebook event for what's going on. Check #SummerZombie on Twitter for latest. 

Saturday June 14th
Timothy Baker (teaser) on Horror Tree Blog
Stevie Kopas (interview) on Claire C. Riley’s Blog
TW Piperbrook (guest post) on Words, Words, Words Blog

Sunday June 15th
Shawn Chesser (teaser) on Visionary Press Collaborative Blog
Claire C. Riley (interview) on Violet VanDoren’s Blog
Rhonda Parrish (Guest post) on Whatnot Blog

 Today: Monday June 16th
Stephen Kozeniewski (teaser) on Zombie Pop Blog
Erik Gustafson (interview) on Under The Oak Book Reviews Blog
Melanie Karsak (guest post) on Storyteller – S.K. Gregory’s Blog
Mark Tufo (interview) on Courtney Rene’s Blog

Tuesday June 17th
Thomas M. Malfa
rina (teaser) on Bryan Cassiday’s Blog
Julianne Snow (interview) on Heath Stallcup’s Blog
Bryan Cassiday (guest post) on Terrorphoria Blog

Wednesday June 18th
Ian McClellan (teaser) on Chazz Writes Blog
Robert Chazz Chute (interview) on Sparky Lee Geek’s Blog
Sarah Lyons Fleming (guest post)

Thursday June 19th
Peggy Martinez (teaser)
David P Forsyth (interview)
TS Alan (guest post)
Ian Woodhead (teaser)

Friday June 20th
John O’Brien (teaser)
Jaime Johnesee (interview)
Rebecca Besser (guest post

Saturday June 21st
Alex Laybourne (teaser)
Shana Festa (interview)
Chuck Ingersoll (guest post)

Sunday June 22nd
Kirk Allmond (teaser)
*** Christine Verstraete (interview)
Chris Tucker (guest post)

Monday June 23rd
Armand Rosamilia (teaser)
Timothy Baker (interview)
Claire C. Riley (guest post)
Bryan Cassiday (teaser)

Tuesday June 24th
Jay Wilburn (teaser)
Shawn Chesser (interview)
Erik Gustafson (guest post)
John O’Brien (interview)

Wednesday June 25th
Jack Wallen (teaser)
Melanie Karsak (interview)
Stephen Kozeniewski (guest post)

Thursday June 26th
T.W. Piperbrook (teaser)
Sarah Lyons Fleming (interview)
Julianne Snow (guest post)
Jaime Johnesee (guest post)

Friday June 27th
Stevie Kopas (teaser)
Alex Laybourne (interview)
Thomas M. Malfarina (guest post)
Rebecca Besser (teaser)

Saturday June 28th
Rhonda Parrish (teaser)
Ian McClellan (interview)
Robert Chazz Chute (guest post)

Sunday June 29th
Mark Tufo (teaser)
TS Alan (interview)
Peggy Martinez (guest post)

Monday June 30th
Armand Rosamilia (interview)
Ian Woodhead (guest post)
David P Forsyth (teaser)

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