Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer of Zombie Begins!


*** ALL JUNE - check the FACEBOOK Event Page daily for schedules
 of where to visit, giveaway links and whatever else is going on. **
** Also see #SummerZombie on Twitter for updates - Link to me @caverstraete

Schedule of Participants So Far: 
(Links below are to their Facebook pages. Go to Event Page Link for details & site to visit.)
(My Rafflecopter giveaway will be posted on the blog here tomorrow.)

(Links below are Facebook pages)
TODAY - Sun June 1st: Kirk Allmond interview - Shana Festa guest post
Mon June 2nd: Christine Verstraete teaser Jay Wilburn interview - Jack Wallen guest post
Tues June 3rd: Chuck Ingersoll teaser - Chris Tucker interview - Timothy Baker guest post
Wed June 4th: Claire Riley teaser - T.w. Piperbrook interview - Stevie Kopas guest post
Thur June 5th: Melanie Karsak teaser - Rhonda Parrish interview - Shawn Chesser guest post
Fri June 6th: Stephen Kozeniewski interview - Erik Gustafson teaser - Mark Tufo guest post
Sat June 7th: Julianne Snow teaser - Bryan Cassiday interview 
Sun June 8th: Sarah Lyons Fleming teaser - Thomas M. Malafarina-Authorinterview - Ian McClellan guest post

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