Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer of Zombie Day 7 & Unique Zombie Post

** Today I have a unique take on zombies at Rhonda Parrish's blog

Who's coming up on the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour:

(See Armand Rosamilia's blog for continuing link updates:)

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Summer of Zombie Authors:

Thursday June 5th
Melanie Karsak (teaser) on KirkAllmond’s Blog
Rhonda Parrish (interview) on JayWilburn’s Blog
Shawn Chesser (guest post) on Manuscripts Burn Blog

Friday June 6th
Stephanie Kozienewski (interview) on The Darkness Goes ‘Round Blog
Erik Gustafson (teaser) on DarknessAbound Blog
Mark Tufo (guest post)
Kirk Allmond (guest post) on RhondaParrish’s Blog

TODAY:   Saturday June 7th
Julianne Snow (teaser) on The Twisted Mind Blog
Bryan Cassiday (interview) on Day Zero Blog
me - Christine Verstraete  (Guest post) on Rhonda Parrish’s Blog

Sunday June 8th
Sarah Lyon Fleming (teaser)
Thomas M. Malfarina (interview)
Armand Rosamilia (guest post)

Monday June 9th
Robert Chazz Chute (teaser)
Peggy Martinez (interview)
David P Forsyth (guest post)

Tuesday June 10th
TS Alan (teaser)
Ian Woodhead (interview)
John O’Brien (guest post)

Wednesday June 11th
Jaime Johnesee (teaser)
Rebecca Besser (interview)
Alex Laybourne (guest post)

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