Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Goals - Resolutions for 2015

It's TOP TEN TUESDAY over at brokeandbookish.com and today's topic is 

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions -- bookish, blogging or otherwise! 

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In no particular order:

1. It wouldn't be a new year without that perennial non-favorite - losing weight. Again. It's become a tradition that I really should break. Meaning keep the weight off. For good.

2.  Write more. Well, not more. I write all the time. Finish more. Several projects are thisclose to being done.

3. Start and work on another book of a new historical - zombie series that is being circulated to publishers. I have the beginning figured out. It's a start. 

4. Finish nonfiction articles and find more markets on a steady basis.

5.  Learn how to promote better, smarter.

6.  Read authors I should read but haven't yet. 

7.  Do more theme-topic blogs, along with promotional and fiction writing for different magazines.

8. Clean my closet. That's connected to #1.

9. Sort and sell crafts, minis, etc. I will not be using. I have a lot put away.

10. The general theme seems to be more organized. I am getting there. Slowly.

 *** What are your 2015 resolutions and goals? 

1 comment:

  1. Great goals!

    Live healthier was my number 1 goal, too. That really means lose weight -- I lost a bunch but some came back in 2014!

    Love your mix of creativity, reading, and self-care goals! Happy New Year!