Monday, October 26, 2015

10 #Halloween #Zombie #Horror Reads

Some new and recently released or upcoming books perfect for some spooky Halloween reading!

Coming in November - new Stephen King short story collection! The Bazaar of Bad Dreams -  (pre-order: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories
1. Mile 81 – Scribner e. 
2. Premium Harmony – 2009 New Yorker
3. Batman and Robin Have an Altercation – Harpers 2012
4. The Dune – Granta 2011
5. Bad Little Kid – New; Serial
6. A Death
7. The Bone Church – poem
8. Morality – Esquire 2009
9. Afterlife – Tin House 2013
10. Ur – 2009 Amazon e.
11. Herman Wouk is Still Alive – The Atlantic 2011
12. Under the Weather – Mass Market FDNS
13. Blockade Billy – Scribner e.
14. Mister Yummy – New; Serial
15. Tommy – Playboy poetry
16. The Little Green God of Agony – A Book of Horrors 2011
17. That Bus is Another World - Esquire
18. Obits – New; Serial
19. Drunken Fireworks
20. Summer Thunder – Cemetery Dance 2013

Best Horror of the Year: 7 - Editor Ellen Datlow. Includes stories by Neil Gaimanm Kim Robinson, Stephen King, Linda NagataLaird Barron, Margo Lanagan, and many others.

Black Static #48 (September -October 2015): Transmissions From Beyond (Black Static Horror and Dark Fantasy Magazine) -The September-October issue contains new novelettes and short stories by Jeffrey Thomas, Cate Gardner, Steven J. Dines, Andrew Hook, and Stephen Bacon. The cover art is by Martin Hanford, and interior illustrations are by Joachim Luetke, Tara Bush, and Richard Wagner. Features: Coffinmaker's Blues by Stephen Volk (comment); Notes From the Borderland by Lynda E. Rucker (comment); Case Notes by Peter Tennant (book reviews and an interview with Simon Kurt Unsworth); Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee (DVD/Blu-ray reviews).

Devolution Z: The Horror Magazine October 2015 - 13 original stories and poems –
"I Feel" by K. I. Borrowman 
"Robert Browning and the Spider Poet" by Marge Simon 
"Bug-Eyed Outbreak" by Kip McKnight 
"You Get What You Bleed" by Matt Handle 
"The Forbidden Rite: A Duel" by Bryan Best 
"The House of Wolves" by Craig Steven 
"The Transmogrification of Christopher Edwards" by Chad Lutzke & Ian Bush 
"The Party" by David Smith 
"You Give a Piece of Yourself" by Melanie Dixon 
"Don't Run" by C. C. Adams 
"The Good Mother" by Sheri White 
"Opportunists" by Betty Rocksteady 
"Z Journal of Ivy Gage" (Part 3) by Alarick Vaughan 

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume II - HWA's second annual Poetry Showcase volume features dark verse from some of the world's most acclaimed poets, as well as memorable new voices. In addition to startling and original work by featured poets Tausha Johnson, Michelle Scalise, Vincent Miskell, and Mark Fuller Dillon, this volume also includes poems by Bruce Boston, Marge Simon, Stephanie M. Wytovich, and dozens more. As an extra added feature, Volume II includes tributes to Rocky Wood and Tom Piccirilli by some of the biggest names in horror and poetry.

The Island - Exploring a remote island can get you into trouble. Especially when you stumble upon a cave and awaken two demons. 

Massacre at Lonesome Ridge: A Zombie Western - Connor McClane is used to hard times. As sheriff of Lonesome Ridge, he’s fought his fair share of bad guys. But when creatures that should be impossible threaten his town, he’ll face the hardest challenge he’s ever known. Charity Banks, the once-debutante from New York City, has a hunger for human flesh and a zombie horde to do her bidding. Can Connor defend Lonesome Ridge from her undead army?

November Night Tales - Towards the end of his life, the eccentric archaeologist, historian, architect, and collector Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930) channeled his antiquarian interests and his love of Gothic literature intoNovember Night Tales (1928), a volume of highly imaginative weird tales in the mode of M.R. James.First-ever republication of Mercer's tales includes all six stories from the scarce first edition, plus an additional rare story, "The Well of Monte Carbo," discovered among Mercer's papers after his death, and a new introduction by Cory M. Amsler of the Mercer Museum.

Twisted Magic: The Witching Hour Collection (Raven's Cove Series Book 1) - It’s a darkness that doesn’t want to let go...   After being banished from her coven five years ago, Sarah vowed to stay away from black magic forever and instead tried to embrace the life of a white witch. However, now a family death has brought her back to her hometown of Raven’s Cove, and the good little witch is in line to inherit a powerful gift. 

The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, 2015 Edition - Editor Paula Guran. Stories include:
The Quiet Room - V.H. Leslie
Emotional Dues - Simon Strantzas
The Scream of Dragons - Kelly Armstrong
Dreamer - Brandon Sanderson
(Little Miss) Queen of Darkness - Laird Barron
The Female Factory - Lisa Hannett & Angela Slatter
The Still Cold Air - Steve Rasnic Tem
The Elvis Room - Stephen Graham Jones
The cats of River Street (1925) .. Catlin R Kiernan
The End of the End of Everything... Dale Bailey
Fragments from the Notes of a Dead Mycologist...Jeff VanderMeer
A Wish from a Bone... Gemma Files
Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying... Alice Sola Kim
Children of the Fang... John Langan
Sleep Walking Now and Then... Richard Bowles
Combustion Hour... Yoon Ha Lee
Resurrection Points... Usman T. Malik
The Nursery Corner... Kaaron Warren
Water in Springtime... Kali Wallace
Running Shoes... Ken Liu
And the Carnival Leaves Town... A.C. Wise
Who is Your Executioner? Maria Dahvana Headley
Death and the Girl from Pi Delta Zeta... Helen Marshall
The Floating Girls: A Documentary... Damien Angelica Walters
Mr. Hill's Death... S.L. Gilbow
Madam Damnable's Sewing Circle.... Elizabeth Bear
Only Unity Saves the Damned... Nadia Bulkin
Kur-A-Len... Lavie Tidhar

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