Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday #Zombie Events and Disasters

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  Just was watching the movie San Andreas with Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson....

Yeah it's a big, smash-em-up disaster movie.  Call it Jurassic without dinos. Yes, it's also often pretty unbelievable, too.

When a movie opens with a car careening down a cliff, the girl bouncing around and she's neither smashed to bits or hurt - oh, and her phone still works - you better suspend disbelief. Big time.

But I liked it for what it was. It's like zombie disasters - you have to not take it too seriously. End of the world disasters are not always buildings like matchsticks on every block or corner, or zombies in every scene. It's like those tornadoes that hit one house and skip the one next door. Unbelievable if not often true.

(Actually as far as disaster movies go, one of my favorites is San Francisco (1936), about the 1906 earthquake with Jeanette MacDonald and Clark Gable.) 

Anyway, that's why when reading or writing fiction, for me, it's not all over when the zombies show up. Disasters sometimes can be hit or miss. People survive and some try to carry on. Some things can go back to almost normal. It's called trying to live -- even when you're surrounded by death - or the walking dead...

Just a few random thoughts...

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  1. I enjoyed San Andreas. A little ridiculous in spots, but very entertaining.

  2. Very interesting point, especially about the old Clark Gable movie. People are still basically the same - and pressure brings out the best and worst in them - whether it's in a zombie tale or a disaster movie.