Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's ZOctober - Z for #zombies!

The ZOctober Event is going strong! 

Check out the authors and their contests on the Facebook event page. See the individual author posts at

Here are the participants and their Facebook pages: (I'm up on Oct. 12)

1st - Phillip Tomasso
2nd - 
Shawn P. Durnin (SP Durnin)
3rd - 
Michelle Kilmer
4th - Emily Walker
5th - Elizabeth Constantopoulos (Eli Constant)
5th - Devan Sagliani
6th - Meredith Pritchard (M.R. Pritchard)
7th - Melanie Karsak
8th - Bryan Way
9th - Peggy Sue Martinez
10th - Belinda Frisch
11th - Ryan Hill
12th - Christine Verstraete
13th - Michael Panush
14th - Rachel Tsoumbakos
14th - Samantha Warren 
15th - Craig McDonough
16th - Amy Miles
17th - Jack Wallen
18th - The awesome girls of Contagious Reads
19th - Scott Scherr
20th - Brothers Dunne 
21st- Khail Lerma
22nd - Elizabeth Lorraine 
23rd - Lindsey Loucks
24th - Brian Parker
25th - Larry Weiner
26th - Angel Lawson
27th - G.G. Silverman
28th - Karen Kincy
29th - Allen Gamboa
30th - Claire Riley
31st - Lori Whitwam

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