Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Book is Here!

I Left My Brains in San Francisco audiobok,. Click the image to order

Yes, it's finally here! The book is live on Audible. Check it out!

This has been a crazy launch. First, my wonderful narrator, Becky Parker was actively involved. She even made a theme song and some cute zombie quiz videos based on the Neeta Lyffe Universe.
Then, we planned a rocking online book tour with 33 stops, including podcasts! (The last podcast is Sunday at 7 ET, incidentally. Join me and Becky.)  That was the fun stuff. Then the crazy happened.

First, Damnation Books changed ownership. I can't go into the details, but it was sudden, unexpected and for good reasons. Kim, the owner, has made sacrifices on multiple levels to care for people she loves and did her best to make sure her authors were cared for, too. However, as I said, it was sudden, and just before Damnation Book's October titles, so the new owner, Alan Leddon has had his hands full.

Then, Audible dragged its feet on putting the book live. It was planned for October 1, and Becky got everything submitted a week ahead of time. We don't know why there was a delay. There wasn't anything our poor beleaguered publisher could do about it. So for 13 days and 28 stops, we didn't have a book to lead people to.

Becky and I decided to make lemonade out the lemon and give away the first three chapters. Becky has a wonderful site with a shopping cart, so she tried to set up the freebie. Her cart didn't work. I don't know why, and she didn't know, either. Rather than add to everyone's stress, we went Old School. I made a sign-up page on my website and emailed a link to the first chapters. If you want to hear the first chapters of I Left My Brains in San Francisco, go register.

Of course, that also meant hours of making new posts, letting our hosts know about the issue, and going and commenting again on every stop to let people know about the lack of book and the offer.
BTW, we tossed in a raffle for a free copy of the first audiobook for those who registered. Congrats to Meredith.

Each day, I went to Audible, searching my title, searching my name, hoping that this time, I'd get lucky. Then, on lucky 13, it happened! My beautiful book cover with my beautiful sister (the model) was there!

We have 4 more days on the book tour. It's been a roller coaster of a month so far, but then again, it's nothing compared to the kind of crazy situations Neeta gets into. If you like zombie fiction with a huge helping of humor, go check it out.

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