Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Blog Tour: Zia Teenage #Zombie Book

Today I welcome fellow zombie girl author Angela Scott who has just released her new book, Zia, The Teenage Zombie & The Undead Diaries.  Keep reading to learn more and.... don't forget the cool giveaway!

 **  As I'm still reading the book, my thoughts, having written my own teen zombie book, are that I like Zia's character and especially enjoy her sense of humor. That's important when you're coping with the worst thing that could happen in a teen's life!  I also thought Scott  had some interesting twists, like adding in the arm and neck bands as a potential control for the  "Living Impaireds." It's a light, fun read! I especially love the cover and the colors (my two favorites!).

A short Q&A with the author:

Who is ZIA? 
Zia is your typical teenage girl... except for the fact that she's dead and has a craving for brains. She wants what everyone else wants, even though she knows nothing about her "life" will ever be the same. She's a girl that simply wants to fit in and find love, all while trying to keep her limbs from falling off and bugs from eating her dead flesh. Just like everyone else, right? 
What Inspired the Book? 
My kids were my inspiration. Seriously. When I had started writing about zombies in my Zombie West Series, my kids were young and I didn't feel it appropriate for them to read those books (those zombies are little scary), so I decided to write a zombie book that would work for them. That's when Zia, The Teenage Zombie was born. Actually, to make it more fun for them, I gave them each their own characters in the book - Caden, Alynn, and Lewis. They think that's pretty cool... which is what a mom can only hope for :)
Favorite Excerpt: (One of my favorite diary entries)

Dear Diary,
You’d think dating would be a whole lot easier when you’re dead.
But as it turns out, it’s not.
It’s way, WAY more complicated than I could have ever imagined.

This diary entry is one of my favorites because it kind of encompasses the entire story in just a few sentences. Zia might be dead, but she longs to be loved and feel somewhat normal again. And to make matters worse, she's stuck right in the middle of a love triangle and her unbeating heart is pulled in two different directions.

Why write this kind of book and what makes it unique?
I loved the idea of writing a zombie book from the zombie's perspective. I fell in love with that concept and in turn fell in love with ZIA and her humorous undead nature. I wanted to write a zombie book that encompassed all the things you wouldn't normally find in a zombie book - love, romance, humor, and finding your place in a society that deplores you. I wanted to write a happy zombie book, and I think I accomplished that. 

  ** Check out the cool giveaway and prizes including this cute zombie doll (I have to find one of these!!)  (See  all the prizes at Angela's blog. See other links: Twitter . Facebook . Barnes&Noble ) 

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