Sunday, October 9, 2016

#Halloween #Fiction: #Horror Haiku!

To kick-off some Halloween fun, today I'm welcoming fellow author Anita (A.F.) Stewart, who just released a cool new book with, yes, horror haiku!

I admit not knowing much about this genre, but I think I'm hooked. Her new book, Horror Haiku and Other Poems is a visual and fictional treat. Little horror tidbits accompanied by great photos. Its 122 pages of bite-sized pieces of gore you can chew on and enjoy, one bloody word at a time.

Words linger...
In the darkness of shadows, in the distant screams.
They whisper past the drip, drip of blood.
The strange beauty of words hide, waiting for you.
Embrace the horror.

About the book:
Horror Haiku and Other Poems by A.F. Stewart:

Venture past safe reality, into the world of terror told in verse. Horror Haiku and Other Poems brings forth surreal dread and spins it in artistic countenance. From small chilling bites of poetry, to murky morsels of fright, come find where the words haunt you, where they live and die.

* Check out the preview!

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