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October Frights 4: Lizzie Borden Letter

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Today - something a  bit different! 

A Letter From Lizzie

    The Fall River Herald News in Lizzie’s hometown recently had a writing contest in which entrants wrote a letter from Lizzie. I learned about it later or I would have entered, so before I read any of the entries, I decided to write my own as a fun exercise.
    Here’s Lizzie’s take some time later on the events of that fateful August day in 1892 when her father, Andrew Borden, and her stepmother, Abby Durfee Borden, were brutally hacked to death in their home.

August 4, 1927

My Dear Emma,
    I know that you still wish not to speak to me, but with my health failing, I feel now is the best time to reach out to you.
    We have been through the worst of times, you and me, trying times, and I always felt you were the one person who understood me best. You were always there to look out for me and stand up for me, for which I am forever grateful.
    You were not wrong in your support, for as you are aware, I had no other choice for what I did. I tried my best that fateful August morning to do what you had done for me, to be there, to fight back, and in turn, protect you as you had done for me earlier.
    A thousand times I wished that this had never happened. Inside, I wept and prayed for forgiveness even as I presented a straight face to the world. I know what everyone said and thought, but I had to act like it didn’t bother me; that they were all wrong.
    I had to do it to protect you.
    No one, not even I, ever suspected that Father had his own share of terrible secrets, but hidden behind that stern exterior lay a heart shadowed by darkness.
    Did that mean he, or Mrs. Borden, deserved to die?
    No, never, and not at my hands, at least in the normal course of events. But there was nothing usual or “normal” about what happened that hot August 4th morning in 1892, was there? Nothing at all.
    I vowed never to tell anyone and to take those horrific secrets to my grave. But I wanted to beg your forgiveness and clear the air, hoping, perhaps, that some peace might be forged between us, even if for the last time.
    If I don’t hear from you, I will understand. I have left a record, of sorts, which you can either read or destroy. I leave it up to you. Either way, I send my love and wish you well, dear sister.

With kind thoughts,
Lizbeth Borden
    (Note: Later, Lizzie chose to go by the name Lizbeth, Maybe it was a way to put some space between her and the “other” Lizzie?)

Today's Question:   What kind of person do you think Lizzie Borden was?

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  1. Intriguing spin on the story!

  2. A strong woman who did what needed to be done :)

  3. Great post :) Really loving learning more about Lizzie

  4. I think that question, what kind of person was Lizzie Borden, is the conundrum keeping her story alive. Was she an innocent victim, did she have some temporary fit of madness, or was she a sociopath? I don't discount her guilt, but inconsistencies do throw doubt on what happened.

  5. Strong, regretful, and to me she sounds like she became lonely

  6. Strong, regretful, and to me she sounds like she became lonely

  7. sad

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