Monday, January 28, 2013

Has this Zombie Thing Gone Too Far?

I've been sick so a quick post today. Something I spotted and had to share....

(Today is also the Let me Reintroduce Myself Blogfest - see my info below the pic.)

There is a lot of odd stuff out there, but just in case you missed this... For the person who has everything, right?  Yes, it is a zombie panty liner.

See more pix from Zombleeds on Etsy.

But.... really?

* I almost forgot today is the Let Me Reintroduce Myself Blogfest. As you can see, well, writing a zombie blog post qualifies me for having an odd sense of humor. ha! So some odd humor, a little romance and more is what you can expect in my upcoming book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie.... coming this summer! Yay! Stay tuned for the cover soon!

What else? Oh, there is more? Well, I like to create and collect dollhouse miniatures - hey you can't write all the time. ha! - love dogs... and? You can see some pix and other book stuff at my website.


  1. In some freaky strange way I love this. x

  2. It's funny what gets people's attention. haa! yeah I thought it was funny in a weird kind of way too...

  3. Hey, Chris!

    LOL!!! Not sure I'd actually wear one, but maybe buy some just because the idea is totally freaky. It's nice meeting you. I look forward to learning more about you, and I can't wait for your cover reveal. :)

  4. The zombie thing can go a lot further, I think. Nice to meet you.

  5. Oh, I seriously need a zombie panty liner! LOL! Nice to meet you!

  6. Hey Chris.
    The dollhouse miniature collection sounds interesting! Would love to have a peek at it. Have you posted a picture of it?
    Nice to meetcha!

  7. Hi, Chris,

    Okay... this is a very STRANGE thing to read during my morning coffee... LOL... NIce to meet you and CONGRATS on your forthcoming book. SOUND like it will be ZOMBIELICIOUS..... Hey, why not? If there can be zombie panty liners, it can be Zombielicious!

    I have an odd sense of humor too.. LOL.


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