Monday, December 2, 2013

Zombies for a laugh

Zombies can be funny. Yes, really.

Gabe in GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie has a thing for telling bad jokes to try to get Becca to lighten up. It doesn't really work...  Well... should it? haaa!

Here's Gabe:
"What do you call a girl who won't eat on a date?"
Becca, "I don't know, what?"
"A zombie. Get it?"
"I don't think being like this is funny," Becca said. "Not at all."

And here's a few more zombie jokes from

  • Q: Where do you go to buy zombies?
    A: The monSTORE!
  • Q: What did the man say to his forgetful zombie wife?
    A: You forgot your HEAD because it wasn't attached!
  • Q: Who did the zombie take out for dinner?
    A: His GHOULfriend!
  • Q: Why did the zombie ignore all his new Facebook friends?
    A: He was still DIGESTING all his old Facebook friends!

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