Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best States to Survive A Zombie Attack - Girl Z was right!

(partial map - Estately blog)

  When it comes to surviving a zombie attack, it looks like setting my book GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie in Wisconsin and (partly) in Illinois was dead on.

Meaning... you have a 10th and 20th better chances respectively in surviving attacks in those states than anywhere else, according to an Estately map

Sure you could have the best chance living in Alaska (cold is likely a big detterent here to people, too), at least according to the map, but if you do live in the Midwest, there are some places you'll still have a pretty good chance in. And oh, that map says avoid Minnesota. (Is it the big mall perhaps?)

The big reasons surviving in the Midwest is good? The chart lists among the reasons, lots of military, people with guns (Wisc. is big on hunting) and the page claims it has the biggest number of laser tag players per capita. I don't know about that; I think it's the hunter ratio.  Check out the full map for yourself. 

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