Friday, May 9, 2014

Rewriting Zombies

A few weeks ago, I posted a chapter list of what my nonfiction zombie book contained.  Well, since then, I've received some harsh critiques, so I've completely redone the book.

I'll admit it, getting that feedback was a little tough.  It made me feel belittled and stupid.  I cried.  But after the initial shock, I pulled myself together and realized how helpful the critique was.  It gave me a direction for my book, so I got to editing.

The editing process was a little difficult as I was still raw and emotional, but I plowed through it.  I had to.  I was going to prove a point.  When I was done, I sent it to my editor friend who was kind enough to say she'd help me.  She looked over the manuscript briefly and told me that this version was sooooo much better.  That really helped boost my confidence.

I'm still not quite ready to divulge any of the changes--I need to do some more editing--but I am happier with this version.  I think it expresses my intentions better and makes it fun, which was supposed to be the point from the beginning.

Stay tuned.  I'll let you know how this process goes.

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  1. That's why every writer needs critique partners and good editors. Good luck. Keep at it.


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