Thursday, May 1, 2014

Story a Day in May - Zombie Style

May 1 marks the start of another month-long "adventure"

I tried this last year after seeing details about it posted by the ever-blogging, always writing  Marian Allen (ok, I blame her), but I did end up with quite a few new zombie flash stories. (Yes, thank you Marian!)

So, I'm trying it again, though I will probably just try for weekday flash stories, unless inspiration hits. Several of my fellow bloggers here will join in sporadically also.

The hard part is that since this is daily, the prompts won't be up (I think) until that morning. So I will do my best to think up something and add it here or an except here later. So you might have to come back for a peek. Not that hard, right?

So do check out the other blogs and stories. And check out today's first prompt by none other than award-winning author Neil Gaiman. Worth it just for that, right?

** As the prompt today is "Getting Home" - here's my first flash story:


He stumbled along, trying his best to make his feet, his mind, his body, cooperate.
Thoughts became fuzzier. Impulses disappeared. He felt wooden; he felt . . .?
Putting one foot in front of the other, he kept on, moving forward, moving to . . .
A tear rolled down his cheek. Oh, this must be what it felt like to die.
One word coursed through what was left of his ravaged brain.
He needed to go . . .
A blank look came over his face.
He shambled on, all human thought gone.
The virus urged his empty shell of a body on, seeking sustenance, seeking home.

109 words

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