Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Pentagon Takes on Zombies

Zombie Apocalypse? Don't worry as it seems the Pentagon has a plan.

Well, it's actually more of a "training document" than an actual strategic command. 

Foreign Policy Magazine (FPM) recently unveiled the 2011 unclassified document "CONOP 8888" which outlines different scenarios in a possible zombie attack and serves as a guide to 
aid authorities in "maintaining law and order and restoring basic services during and after a zombie attack," says the site.

The "worse threat scenario"  involves  high rates of transmission with lots of zombies eating people, high infection rates with "little or no immunity, and few effective countermeasures."

Of interest, according to FPM are the potential categories of zombie threats, including:
1. Vegetarian zombies - life forms arising from various causes which eat plant life and pose little threat to humans;
2. "Evil Magic Zombies" - zombies derived from occult sources; and
3. "Chicken Zombies."
The site says supposedly some chickens killed by farmers with carbon monoxide and buried have "clawed back to life."

Whether this is connected at all to the gassing of chickens (with carbon dioxide) before slaughter is not explained (and the only link I could find on such a situation.) 
And well, some things are best left unexplored....

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