Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween Reading List! #horror #zombie #mystery

There's no better time than Halloween to curl up with a good scary book! Here are some suggestions and some new books I came across. Don't turn out the lights! Boo!

It seems everyone is writing short stories, which I love, so there are plenty of treats to pick from!


Dead Ends, Stories of the Gothic South, J.T. Ellison, editor - Cool idea. Thirteen novelists were asked to build stories around a photo of a dilapidated mansion with a gothic flavor. Includes stories by Amanda Stevens, Lisa Morton and others.

Descent Into Darkness - What keeps you awake at night? These 19 spooky tales and novellas from assorted authors might... Edited by Tony Urban. Includes my story, "Thirteen Horses" by C.A. Verstraete. 700+ pages - Oct. 30: Woo-hoo! It hit #1 in anthologies/horror!

Fearful Fathoms: Collected Tales of Aquatic Terror (Vol. 1: Seas and Oceans) - How deep does your fear go? New double anthology features an unpublished story by Jack Ketchum, plus stories by Lori R. Lopez, W.D. Gagliani and others. 


Joe Ledger, Unstoppable, Jonathan Maberry - What's Halloween without Maberry and Joe Ledger? Stories about Maberry's favorite covert operative Joe Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences by 22 authors including Seanan McGuire, Joe McKinney, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Dana Fredsti and others. Releases on Halloween!

Mrs. Dracula: Vampire Anthology - She's worn out every welcome and bitten the hand that feeds, but what did you expect? Dark tales by 18 authors about the Mrs. in the Dracula family.

Rage Against the Night - Stories of those who rage against the night and triumph in the face of overwhelming evil. From horror masters Stephen King, Peter Straub, Jonathan Maberry, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and others. 


Treasured Chests: A Zombie Anthology for Breast Cancer Care (Registered charity in England and Wales) - Proceeds to benefit breast cancer.

Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology - Stories by 22 authors, 22 undead worlds.... Do you dare? Stories by Derek and Mark Cusco Ailes, Grivante, Julien Saindon, Valerie Lioudis, Samie Sands and others.


Infection: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel (Sympatico Syndrome Book 1),  M.P. McDonald - When the US crumbles and services stop, there's only one thing to do - take your family and run...


 New! Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports from US Newspapers, 1865-1917, Tim Prasil - Between the Civil War and World War I, a wave of ghost reports hit the newspapers. Prasil shares hundreds of the reports he's collected. (Cool idea! I've read some of these on Tim's blog. Love the idea.) Paperback.

The Haunting of Dr. Bowen, A Mystery in Lizzie Borden's Fall River, C.A. Verstraete - Another view of the Borden murders... Was Lizzie's doctor and neighbor haunted by what he saw that morning in 1892? Was he being haunted by Fall River's bloody past? 

Lizzie Borden:

What's Halloween without infamous axe murderess Lizzie Borden?  


Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter, C.A. Verstraete - What if Lizzie Borden did kill her father and stepmother... because she had no other choice? 

The Murderer's Maid,  A Lizzie Borden NovelErika Mailman  - Bram Stocker award finalist Mailman presents a different take on the infamous 1892 Borden murders with an interwoven tale of past and present focusing on the Borden family maid, Bridget Sullivan, and a modern-day barista in fear for her life. Take note  of the cruel and cunning Lizzie Borden lurking around corners who'll make your toes curl!  Just released!  

Time Travel-Romance:

Wide Awake Asleep: Time Travel Romance, Louise Wise - Julie Compton's relieved to have survived a car crash. One problem: she's back in 1972, in the body of a stranger.

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