Friday, October 6, 2017

New! #Horror Story & Anthology: Descent Into Darkness

New Horror Anthology - Pre-Order!

Releases Oct. 10!

What keeps you awake at night?

Murder and monsters...
Demons and forces of evil...
Ghosts and urban legends...
Dive into the darkness with twenty tales of terror that will keep you awake long after the lights go out.

A horror anthology featuring featuring several best-selling and award-winning authors from around the globe, "Descent into Darkness" contains a variety of terrifying short stories and novellas.

In my story, Thirteen Horses, a couple discovers the true price of their crime.  And sometimes, the punishment fits...

Baba by Tony Urban
Blood Note by Sylvester Barzey 
Nail Gun Glissando by Steve Vernon 
The Evil in Devil’s Creek by Paul B. Kohler 
What’s Been Keeping Me Awake by Amanda Luzzader 
Mark of Perdition by R. L. Blalock
The Sun Makes Me Turn Purple by Gretta Penelope
Send in the Clowns by David J. Schmidt
The Nine Lives of Captain Osborne by E.E. Isherwood
They Want to Die, Let ‘em by L J Parker
Simon Says by Rachel McClellan
The Door by Delia Rai 
Thirteen Horses by C.A. Verstraete
Zombie Apocalypse by Max Lockwood
Fetch by Joe Jackson
Knock, Knock by Cindy Carroll
His Model Son by Brian J.W. Lee
Ascension by G M Sherwin
Through a Dark Wood by Shayne Rutherford
Lock and Key by Patrick Logan

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