Friday, October 13, 2017

October Frights #Horrror #Zombie Reading List!

 ** This is a special version of our Reading List for the 
October Frights Blog Hop! ** 

Find some cool spooky reads by some of the hop's authors!

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Creepy Short Stories & Poems: 

A Persistence of Geraniums and Other Worrying Tales, John Linwood Grant -  First collection of tales of the Edwardian... Tales of murder and madness in Edwardian England.   (** And for more short creepy stories in the occult vein, check out The Occult Detective Quarterly, edited by Grant.)

Curiously Dark Tales, Debbie Christiana - Supernatural beings and the evils of humanity come alive in dark tales with a twist.

New! Descent Into Darkness - Stories and novellas, zombies to horror and more, 700+ pages. Includes my story, "Thirteen Horses."

Final Masquerade, Lycan Valley Press, Naching T. Kassa and others - The evening is ending and the unmasking is set to begin. Welcome to Final Masquerade, 16 stories where no one is who they seem. 

Horror Haiku Pas De Deux, Anita Stewart - Poetry, horror and haiku to chill your bones. 

 Mushroom and Anchovy, K.M. Cooper - Pre-order! Collection of three stories spanning the lives of these two adventurers. The stories feature journeys to an accursed mountain, a forest filled with strange pocket dimensions, and Hell itself. Along the way, hearts will be broken--and so will the fourth wall. 

The 13: Tales of Illusory, Stephanie Ayers - Thirteen enchanted horrors, 13 spine-tingling tales. Down in the depths they fell, bodies in the dark of a liquid hell. Can you survive all 13? 

Mermaid Quay, Creatures Gone Astray Book 1,  Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl -  The horrors of creatures gone astray are best visible in a beautiful landscape, and Nimue and her brothers find them at Mermaid Bay, Cardiff Bay.

Angels & Demons:

Dark and Dangerous Things (Dark Things Book 5), Kelly Martin - Elise makes it her mission to rid the world and her possessed father of Molly, and send her back to hell where she belongs. Molly Drake has souls to take - and the souls are fighting back. 

Path of Angels, boxed set - Patricia Josephine - Four books follows the highest angel Gabriel and his brothers as they follow the path of good and battle against darkness. 

Rose of Crimson, Zrinka Jelic - An immortal's tragic love story is Kate's obsession. Can she write it, and get his voice out of her head even as their love story unfolds? A tale of love, two lifetimes and desire vs. emotional need.

The Starblood Trilogy: Starblood, Psychonaut, Black Sun, Carmilla Voiez - Satori, Choas Magician, casts a spell to win back his true love, but Star Lillith, mother of demons, has other ideas. Summoned by his magic, Star makes it her mission to manipulate and separate the doomed lovers...


The Leah King Trilogy, Philip Harris - Leah is drawn deeper into the war and must face the woman who's torn her life apart. She must decide who she can trust and how far she'll go to uncover her past. 

The Prophecy Unfolds: Dragon Queen (Book 1), Scarlett Flame - A dystopian steampunk world of dragons, magic and werewolves where science fiction meets science fact. Can Alex survive in a world where three factions battle for dominance? 

The Haunting of Dr. Bowen:  A Mystery in Lizzie Borden's Fall River, C.A. Verstraete - Was Lizzie Borden's doctor haunted by the horrific axe murders of 1892? Now, two years after the Borden murders, Dr. Bowen is determined to uncover the mysteries stirring up the city’s ancient, bloodthirsty specters. Can he discover who, or what, is shattering the peace before Fall River runs red? Or will he be the next victim?

     Part mystery, part love story, The Haunting of Dr. Bowen reveals the eerie side of Fall River as witnessed by the first doctor on the scene of the legendary Borden murders.


Now Entering Silver Hollow, Anne Hogue-Boucher - Questions are answered and visitors of the town are tormented by forces at Dubbs House that they don't comprehend and may never understand...  

The Father of All Flesh, Nicholas Paschall - An ancient evil awakens in a Chinese village. Then the villagers turn into ravenous blobs of skin with an unslakable hunger for human flesh. 

The Revelation of Faithe Eileen, Melanie McFarlane - There once was a girl who lived in the woods... Faithe Eileen can't remember. All she knows is something goes wrong when she gets upset, and she's starting to lose control. Mystery YA Novella.

Witches & Wizards: 


Home Summonings: The Winter Trilogy, Omnibus One, James McDonald - Can wizard Greyson Forester regain his power in time to prevent an ancient evil from conquering the world and all the realms? 
    A dark comedy series where all the worlds' creatures from demon to fairy, angels and monsters must mke their way in a world that dismisses them as myth - or has forgotten them. Now some want to be remembered.

The Cottage, Lavinia Urban - Lydia is left reeling when she discovers her memories have been blocked for eight years. Then she finds she's not only a shape-shifting witch, but Gatekeeper to the Dark Realms. 

The Witch of Willow Lake (Kyrie Carter Supernatural Sleuth, Book 3), Leta P. Hawk - Left with unanswered questions after the paranormal investigation at Willow Lake College, Kyrie Carter vows to discover the events leading up to the fire in Appleton Hall’s bell tower that took Mary Bollinger’s life in 1958. Does the book of legends she uncovers also a portal to an evil from the past?



Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter, C.A. Verstraete - Finally, a reason for the brutal August 1892 axe murders of a Fall River, Mass. businessman and his wife... what if Lizzie Borden did it because she had no other choice? 2017 marks the 125th anniversary of the infamous murders. (New 2nd edition & New Cover!)

Odium V, Dead Saga Series Book 5, Claire C. Riley - In a world where the dead have risen, Nina finds life is far different, and so is love. 

War and Pieces, complete first season (Frayed Fairy Tales)  - Tia Silverstone Bach - Once upon a time, in a land far away, there were zombies...  Havoc is going on in Ever After... Serial series ( Also: Complete Boxed Set)