Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blogging AtoZ: #Mystery #Thriller Week!

Today is the letter M in the A to Z Blog Challenge for Mystery Thriller Week!

Mystery Thriller Week runs from April 12-22. 

Actually it's more than a week - a  good chance to discover some cool, new and new-to-you books!
* See MTW info on the Facebook group
* Check out the details and links (see left column) at website 
(Cool prizes, etc. including a master class with promo guru Mark Dawson)

 ** Here are a few of the participating authors & books: **
(See more mysteries - thrillers ) 

 * A Hole in One, A Glass Dolphin Mystery, Judy Penz Sheluk 

 * Death in the Time of Ice, People of the Wind Mystery, book 1, Kaye George


* The Dead of Winter, Jean Rabe
 (And the sequel, The Dead of Night, are on sale!)

* The Haunting of Dr. Bowen, C.A. Verstraete

* The Inheritance, Jacqueline Seewald

** Check out the full list of A to Z blogs here.

** See all this blog's A to Z posts and links here.

* More to come!

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