Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blogging A to Z: S for Shattered Lives #apocalypse #paranormal

Today is the Letter S in the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Today I welcome Rissa Blakely, author of the Shattered Lives series, 
beginning with Broken Dreams.

 The series includes:
Broken Dreams (Shattered Lives, Book One)
Awakened Desires (Shattered Lives, Book Two)
Fractured Hearts (Shattered Lives, Book Three)
Blind Faith (Shattered Lives, Book Four)
Full Circle (Shattered Lives, Book Five)
A Little Taste if Naughty (A Shattered Lives Short)
** Plus!! ** Something Unique:  - Coming this summer: 
Becoming Henry: Shattered Lives the Comic Issue #1  - yes a comic!  That sounds really cool! Keep watching the author's website for news.

Favorite Quote:
"I love you whole, and I love you broken." - Elaina
This quote is a thread throughout the five novel series, weaving the plot lines together. When I first wrote the words down, they hit me hard. In a way, it's a reflection of my life. Henry is a mentally broken man, full of fear that he will lose Elaina if he tells her the truth about his past. Even though she reaffirms her love for him, he still struggles with his worries.
What would you do if an apocalypse broke out on your wedding day? Follow Henry and Elaina's journey as he faces the demons of his past, fearing what could be waiting at the next turn. Along with a ragtag band of survivors, will Henry and Elaina's mercurial relationship survive regardless of what staggers in front of them?
I walked up to the truck door and opened it. “Henry?” He didn’t turn my way. “I’m glad you’re back.” I stepped up on the side step and brushed my fingers through his hair. He looked at me with bloodshot eyes. “Hey.” He swallowed hard. “Want to talk about it?” He shook his head. “Henry… It’s obvious something is really bothering you. Please, talk to me.”
I waited for a few seconds before I took his hand and guided him out of the truck. I decided to just take him somewhere he could have privacy, just in case he had another one of his epic meltdowns.
We sat in the barn, watching the rest of the sunset. I lay with my head in his lap. He played with my hair, staring blankly off into the distance. I wondered if it comforted him as much as it did me. It was quite some time before he even said anything.
“I’ve seen a lot of shit, Elaina, but today…” He swallowed, “today tops it.” He covered his eyes, pushing the heels of his palms into them, his body shaking as the silent tears poured out. I sat up and grabbed him. Holding him, rocking him, loving him.
“Henry, tell me what you saw.”
“I can’t!” he cried. “I can’t.” His shoulders shook as his silent cries turned into sobs.
“Shh…” I ran my hands through his hair, trying to comfort him. “I’m here for you, lover. I’ve got you.” I held him tight while he sobbed into my shoulder. It was difficult for me to witness. I hated it when he was so upset, he couldn’t string more than two words together.
Eventually, he calmed down enough to look me in the eye. What a mess he was. His eyes were red and swollen. He had bits of vomit and gore on his shirt. I held his face in my hands.
“Talk to me,” I whispered, then took his hands. “I want to help you through whatever is going on.”
“It was the most horrific, gruesome scene I have ever witnessed.”

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