Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blogging A to Z: What Did Lizzie Borden's Doctor Know? #paranormal #ghosts

Today is the Letter K for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

What did Lizzie Borden's Doctor Know? 

Writing about Lizzie Borden for Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter has been both fun and interesting. When I decided to branch off in another direction, I started thinking - how did the murders affect Lizzie's longtime doctor and neighbor?

 Dr. Bowen was the first professional on the scene, and despite his training, he had to be shocked at what he found that morning of August 4, 1892. Not only was his longtime neighbor dead, but this was an incredibly gruesome murder. Even worse, maybe even unfathomable, was that it was Lizzie being looked at with suspicion.

Then Mr. Borden's wife, Lizzie's stepmother, is also found dead and horribly butchered. Could Lizzie, a 32-year-old spinster and Sunday School teacher, really be responsible? She was arrested for the crime and went on trial a year later in 1893.

The fact is, the ground of Fall River, Mass. is soaked in blood, going back to the bloody wars between the Indians and the Colonials. Then there were other axe murders that occurred around the same time.... could the city have been haunted, maybe even cursed, by its past, too?

That's the backdrop of some of the events haunting the doctor, who decides to retire early. In my fictional version, he faces the paranormal, and the past, supported by the everlasting love of his devoted wife, Phoebe.  

It was fun bringing a new supernatural twist to the story and introduce another important person in Lizzie Borden's life.

Learn more  in my book, The Haunting of Dr. Bowen: A Mystery in Lizzie Borden's Fall River

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