Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Blogging A to Z: J for Haunt Jaunts #horror #paranormal

Today is the Lettter J for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

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The letter J prompted a natural request - I asked my friend Courtney Mroch, director of Paranormal Tourism, to talk about her cool site, Haunt Jaunts.

What is Haunt Jaunts? 
It started with a rework of the tagline, which used to be: Haunt Jaunts, a travel site for restless spirits.

But Haunt Jaunts covers more than just travel. It''s now called "A skeleton crew of restless spirits in search of the latest paranormal, horror, & Halloween news, events, & entertainment. Jaunt with us! If you dare...”

Join the Skeleton Crew
We’re also looking for writers. Either permanent contributors or guest bloggers. We’re not a paying site…except in linkbacks and exposure!

urrent regular contributors include one of Arizona’s leading, well respected members of the paranormal community, Debe Branning. And we just recently formed a #ParaPower partnership with Lesia Schnur, The Haunted Librarian.

What  Else is on Haunt Jaunts?
We’re always on the lookout for news tips and suggestions. 

 Weekly Haunted Headlines:  a  roundup of the most spirited news stories we’ve come across.

Tune In and Play: Check out  the Fake News or Not Game on our radio show. (Which airs live on Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm Eastern on ParaMania Radio

Trivia Tuesday:  They like weird Trivia, too! 
Each week we send out a teaser of some sort about some kind of trivia tidbit we’ll share at the start of our show. So if you know anything trivia worthy (that may pertain to your product or business and you’d like a little free exposure/publicity), please get your inner Know It All in touch with Haunt Jaunts.

On Facebook: 

Check out the Haunt Jaunts Hangout for almost anything and  Skellie’s Boo-k Club for the readers and writers. Writers of paranormal (fiction and non), horror, and mystery are welcome to share their latest works. Readers are encouraged to talk about their favorite books, authors and genres.

More Stuff:

April is HJ’s birthday month. Skellie, HJ’s skeleton mascot, has been doing some spring cleaning and dejunking his closet. He found a lot of HJ swag just laying around. T-shirts, has, notebooks, pens…he’ll have a slew of things to giveaway.

Newsletter subscribers get extra entries. (And sometimes exclusive subscriber-only giveaways and prizes.) People can sign up at the nwsletter page. on the site or this link will take them directly to the newsletter signup page. 

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  1. Hi Chris! THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me --er, Haunt Jaunts-- be part of your A to Z Challenge!!!!


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