Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: H is for Henry, the most interesting man in the Zombie Apocalypse

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For today's blog challenge of the letter "H", I'm interviewing Henry from Zombie Games. 

I don't always kill zombies, but when I do, I use a 12-gauge double-barreled shotgun or a shovel to send them pecker-heads back to the light.

Kristen : Thanks for joining us Henry! I've been wanting to interview you ever since you first appeared in Zombie Games, Book Two, Running Wild.

Henry: (Chuckle) Well, Kristen, as you know I have that affect on the ladies. They just can't get enough of  Ol' Henry.

Kristen: Er, yes, well...so how is life in the apocalypse at the moment?

Henry: It's been a living nightmare, by golly. Especially driving back across country to Minnesota with them there zombies and two teenaged-girls! Least you could have done was send me back with someone like Pammy Anderson or even Dolly Parton.

Kristen: Well, they aren't characters in any of my books. Sorry, Henry.

Henry: Couldn't you write them in? They could fight over me, maybe in the mud or something. Come on, you're the author, you can do what you want.

Kristen: Sorry, Henry.

Henry: (Chuckle) I'm just giving you grief. But if you change your mind, I'd be much obliged.

Kristen: (Clear throat) So, back to Wild and Nora, how are they holding up?

Henry: Oh, they're doing pretty good. Have had some obstacles along the way but those girls have a lot of grit.

Kristen: Why did you go with them, Henry? You could have stayed with the others in the hotel, where it was safe. Now you're back on the road and risking your life all over again.

Henry: Listen, I'm an old man and those two girls have barely begun to live. If risking my life means helping to save theirs, then so be it.

Kristen: You're a good man, Henry.

Henry: I'm also single.

Kristen: Noted. Many times in the last two books, actually. Per your request, of course.

Henry: Yesiree...this old mule's got a lot of kick left in him. Once we get these zombies under control, I'm going to be considered quite the catch now that most of the male population has dwindled. If you could write me in some more of those pills in some of your new chapters...you know the Viagree.

Kristen: You mean the Viagra?

Henry: Yeah, that's the stuff! It's magical.

Kristen: Seriously, Henry, the only magic you should be worrying about at the moment, is staying alive.

Henry: Well, you get that wand of mine working again and I can spread a little of my own magic, make others feel alive, too.

Kristen: (Sigh) Henry...Henry...Henry...

Henry: Say, I hate to cut this short, but something is brewing in the ol' cellar. Must have been those kidney beans I found in the last town. Listen, I've got to go before something slips out.

Kristen: Uh, okay. Thanks for the interview Henry! Stay safe and dry!

Henry: Depends on what you mean by that. (Chuckle). Get that?  Depends? Man, I've still got it.

Kristen: (Smile) You certainly do, Henry. You certainly do.


  1. Good Post. A laugh first thing in the morning is a good thing.

  2. Wonderful interview- very fun! Henry sounds like quite the character! :)

  3. Hi Henry, I like your style. You might even like us. We're into horror and weirdness too. Meet us at Undead in the Netherworld if you care to!