Saturday, April 6, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge - F for the next GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie Cover Reveal

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Today is the letter F  -  FOR the third part of the cover reveal contest for my upcoming zombie book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - (read the prologue.)
 (yeah a weak word choice but I had to get this in!) 

** This is a cover reveal game - see first 3 pieces here - and 2nd two pieces here .**

(** Come back Monday for the last set of pieces)

RULES: Over the next few weeks, at least once to twice a week, I'll reveal two to three of the cover pieces by number. What you have to do is virtually assemble the cover and tell me the numbers of the pieces in order.  It won't be as hard as it sounds.

What's in it for you: 

** Win a pre-pub pdf. 
2. If you can wait until it comes out (probably August) you can get a print book (US shipping only) or ebook.

** You MUST do all 3 simple steps to be included in contest:

1. Take a peek at the revealed cover pic pieces here at the GirlZombieAuthors blog, and comment on it at the blog.
2. Follow the blog. -- Follow the Facebook page for GIRL Z. (See Rafflecopter below)
3. Sign up via the Rafflecopter below and put your final list of numbers in (on the last day). You're included if you do the 3 steps.  (Be sure to leave an email or website to contact you if you win.)

** Next two pieces: **



**  Scroll back up to see links for first and second cover piece posts at beginning. **

** Comments? **


  1. Doesn't everyone love Zombies nowadays!! Scary..

  2. Cool way to do a cover reveal!! :)

  3. With a character name of Girl Z, you won't have any problem writing a Z post for the challenge.