Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: the letter J - Meet Jule from Zombie-Authors, a zombie flash fiction blog

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Today's Letter is J

It seemed a perfect fit today to introduce Jule Romans, the "brains" behind the popular blog Zombie-Authors, which hosts fellow zombie authors and features zombie flash fiction. The best of both worlds!

I love flash fiction, the challenge being that while flash can be anything up to 1,000 words, Jule caps hers at the stricter 55 word limit. For fun, I asked her to share a little about why she started the Zombie-Authors blog. 

A high school teacher in rural Michigan, on her time off, she loves reading apocalyptic fiction, which led to this latest venture she began earlier this year.

"That eventually evolved into a passion for zombie fiction," she says. "I started this blog because I wanted to spend more time exploring zombie fiction and the authors who create it. I am task-oriented, though. I needed to have a goal. I needed to produce something from my enthusiasm. A blog seemed like the natural next step."

"Before the web, it was more difficult to find other people who shared my enthusiasm for apocalyptic disaster," she says. "Now, with this blog, I feel like I am talking TO someone, not just throwing ideas around in my own little world. I know that at least a few readers check  the blog daily, so I strive to publish something new every day."

Another thing she enjoyed was discovering new writers. "Just before I started the blog, I discovered two online writers, Marie Viljoen and Seanan McGuire  who were VERY different from me. We had almost nothing in common. They had nothing in common with each other, yet I kept on coming back to them.

"They had such genuine commitment behind their words. I admired them. I learned that I should follow my passion, even if it seemed obscure to me at the time. If those two writers could capture my imagination about topics I didn't even really like, then maybe I could do it, too."

* Be sure to stop by Jule's blog to see who is featured next and read some interesting new fiction, zombie-style, of course!


  1. 55 words? Now that's impressive.

  2. 55 words is impressive! I found your blog in the A-Z challenge because it interested me, I decided to check it out. I may follow you (and check out the blog you share above) because I am interested in the same type of fiction as you are. I have a post apocalyptic zombie story posted on my website actually. Would love to meet more writers!!!


  3. Thanks Melanie and Kristen for stopping by. I love flash as it's fun -and zombie even better!

  4. Heh, I'm a slush reader for a flash fiction magazine ( , so I know how tough it is. Stories with only 55 words are extra impressive! I'll definitely check her out.

    ALso, zombies are awesome, so it's a double win.