Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kill Zone

*** This month we are participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Check it out! ***
The Kill Zone on a zombie isn't that hard to figure out.  In most cases, it's the head.  You kill the brain, you kill the creature.  Sometimes, it's enough to sever the head so that the brain can no longer control the rest of the body.  However, I've seen/read some stories where the head is still alive even after it's been decapitated.  Personally, I like that idea and think it works.  After all, the zombie is dead, it technically shouldn't be up and moving, so if the brain isn't completely destroyed, the head can still function.
The Kill Zone doesn't always have to be the vulnerable area on a zombie.  It can also be an actual location.  For example, cities.  They would become Kill Zones because that's where lots and lots of people are located.  Cities would be overrun with undead and impossible for the survivors to navigate.  We've all seen movies and read books where this happens, so you know exactly what I'm talking about.  They are Kill Zones because of the amount of death and rejuvenation that occurs and Kill Zones because of the amount of zombies that can be taken down.
If you're a survivor, make sure you are aware of any and all Kill Zones, including ways to put down the enemy.  Always be aware of your surroundings and know the best way in and out of the Kill Zone so you don't get trapped and killed...or worse!


  1. I love that:trapped and killed...or worse!

  2. I always heard that if you go UPSTARIRS you will survive...because zombie can't climb know...with them only shuffling from side to side...Let's hope that I am not found half eaten in my upstairs bathroom because they have figured out how to act like ants and create a ladder to get me from UPSTAIRS

  3. Ah but you forget about the fast zombies and those that do stairs! Some do climb! heh heh heh

  4. Eeps, definitely things to keep in mind and make sure you know! Perfect subject for K day! :)