Monday, April 22, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: S is for Free Zombie Stories

    *** This month we are participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Check it out! *** 

Today is the Letter S for Zombie Stories & Zombie Fiction

   If you like to read about zombies, and want to get a short thrill beyond reading a zombie book (like the upcoming GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie), how about  some free short zombie fiction and short stories? How cool is that! ( I make no claims as to quality here; just listing what I've found.)

** I f you start here then a newer post has more story links too  **

Here are some sites that offer a fast, free dose of zombie gore
 for your reading pleasure:

* Zombie Stories (it hasn't been updated but the stories are still posted)

*  A whole list here - the 10 best online zombie stories on Squidoo

* Download (or read online) free zombie story: "The Station Pages" by Stephen Winters

*  The "Zombieman"  (Mark Clodi) has a list of free zombie short stories and several novels posted free

* I also have a couple stories on my website  - a flash (on fiction page) and beginning of a GIRL Z story
(Zombie Image:

** Don't forget: April 24 is the 
All kinds of free fiction and prizes! Hundreds of zombie authors! See event. 

Happy (Icky!) Reading!!