Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Zombie Guide Story and Zombie Blog Events

 Why write about zombies? I blame it on Haunted Houses, Stephen King, and The Walking Dead in a new story at Zombie Guide Magazine.

And it's JUNE  - which seems to be a BIG time for Zombie Blog Events!

   * Nine authors are participating in the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 on Facebook.

Authors will be touring various blogs, giving stuff away and talking zombie! Follow event and links at title above.

 Authors include:  Bryan Smith... Joe McKinney... Mark Tufo... Kirk Allmond... Armand Rosamilia... TW Brown... Julianne Snow... James N. Cook... John O'Brien...

** Julianne will be appearing here on our blog Monday, June 17 

so be sure to check back! **

The Zombie Queen at The Bookish Brunette also is 

holding Zombie Craze 2013 all June at her blog.

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