Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zombie Book Writing and Stuff

  It's 1 1/2 months until the official release of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie .but the work is far from over. It's only just begun... (Hear that Carpenters song in your head?... yes, technically it's We've Only Just Begun - now do you hear it?)

Okay... so what does that have to do with zombies, you ask?

Well, sometimes it means thinking beyond the traditional.

Becca, the 16-year-old main character from GIRL Z is not your typical zombie. -----
* She's only part-Z.
*  She does not eat or crave "brains." Yuck!
* She'd rather eat chocolate and pizza and ice cream and... if only she could.

My point being: she's different, so she faces prejudices from adults, bullying from other kids, and deals with the garbage that comes with trying to fit in. Yet she's strong, showing that "different" isn't always bad.

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New Project 1:
And while I'm talking about GIRL Z, I've been working on something fun - mini magnets! Cool, huh?

New Projects 2 plus:
The other project I've been working on is definitely different. I've been working on a couple things, actually, one being more historical and dealing with a long dead, famous person.

Writing-wise, it's extremely interesting to delve into records and do research. It also takes some thinking and figuring to get this person to fit into the situation I've dreamed up. Some purists may question it as some real life facts would have to be adjusted to fit the situations, places and time frames of my story. But when you hear the initial facts of the case, it really does make sense. And that is the fun of working on such a project, even if it is, yes, challenging. It may be a novella or a shorter book. Not sure yet. We'll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

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