Friday, June 7, 2013

Where Do You Want To Be?

I don't travel a lot.  Mainly because I have a job and two young kids, so there isn't a lot of time.  However, every 3 months, my job takes me to various destinations and in the summer we attempt to take a family vacation.  Whenever I'm in a new place, I always look around and think, "What would I do if the zombie apocalypse happened?"

I mean, half the time you don't know the layout of the town, who the people are.  How do you defend against that?  I like to be prepared, so I have to consider all aspects of my surroundings.  Ideally, being at home when the zombies rise from the ground would be the best.

 I know the place and already have an escape route planned.  It's possible to survive while on vacation, I just have to be a little smarter and more observant about what's going on.  I trust no one.  I look for stores where I can load up on supplies.  But mainly, I look for ways to get out of town and someplace secluded. 

How do you spend your vacation?

Out of ideas? Guess what? There's a whole zombie forum on preparing - and also finding that perfect vacation spot... hopefully zombie free.... Or try a few guaranteed zombie-filled events, if that's more to your liking.

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