Monday, June 3, 2013

Zombies everywhere, zombie book-blog events

Bored? Drop on by a couple great zombie book and blog events all month.

* See blog links below.

   * Nine authors are participating in the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 on Facebook. - check the page daily for the day's links.

* Links: Kick-off overview

Day 1 - John O'Brien, author of  A New World: Takedown

* Day 2: Mark Tufo, author of Tim2 (yikes! creepy clown cover!)

* Day 3: TW Brown, author of DEAD: Confrontation - book 6 in the DEAD series and John O'Brien

** Wow! Check out the big prize pack for Zombie Craze 2013 at  The Bookish Brunette.

 Be sure to check the blog for new daily posts all June.

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  1. I think this is a very interesting genre that has been explored in depth before but always has room for the addition of new elements. I'm looking forward to seeing new zombie books hit the shelves and experience new exciting reads first hand.