Saturday, June 29, 2013

Zombie Photo Story Ideas

Admit it. There are times when your brain seems as dead as a zombie. Nothing comes by itself.

I'm not talking about finishing projects that are already begun. Those have a foundation to work from. I mean  starting something new. (And should you if you already have unfinished stuff to work on, like we all do? But that's another post.)

I mean starting a new project, maybe short or flash fiction; something to keep yourself motivated, rejuvenated, creative...

I love story starters, especially photos. Looking at a picture usually sparks some kind of idea. Think not? Well, have you tried it?

Here's a great collection of Story Starter Photos on Pinterest.  Go ahead, pick one. (Which I never knew you could copy and embed pix from there!)

I liked this photo:

What is their story, you wonder?

Here's my take, short and sweet:

The Survivors
By C.A. Verstraete

The elderly couple clung to each other as they walked down the lonely stretch of sidewalk.

"Don't look back," the man warned, hugging his wife tighter.

She gave him a timid smile, but kept on, her arm wrapped in his, her head on his shoulder. 

Their heads held high, they walked slow, sure, and straight ahead as the eerie moans behind them grew louder.

* Got your own idea or care to post one?

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