Monday, November 11, 2013

Death by...

Just read an interesting post about a murder trial where the men could not determine how the victim died as they could not line up her... corset. Yes, her corset. This murder trial describing a shooting in 1872 is quite interesting, especially for writers.

Reading historical records such as old newspapers, crime reports and magazines is a good way to not only get a feel for a certain time period, but you can get new ideas for stories in current settings. How about coming up with a murder or crime using a historical item?

Yes, even a zombie plague can be set in historic times, or maybe use historic items as props or clues. (I am working on a zombie book using a historical figure. I won't say who just yet.)

Or how about old photos? Vintage police mug shots especially can give you a real look at the criminals of the past, providing a real life view of expressions, mannerisms, clothing and more.

Some sources:

* Classic - The National Police Gazette, photos and stories

* 1930s mug shots- Britain

* Police record crime scene photo, Australia

* Photos, 1920s female inmates

* Interesting history on Victorian prisons in the UK  - with prison illustrations

* Organized crime and crime stats, 1920s 

* Prison records -  Prison Search (genealogical, historic)

* Free vintage clip art 

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