Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Early Scares on TV

  In the "ancient days" long before there was such a thing as DVR and even DVD's, watching TV was a family event... especially if you liked getting scared.

And oh, there were some great programs to get scared by. Stuff that made you crawl in bed with your head under the covers - and don't let your feet hang over the edge. (Never!)

Funny thing is, years later, who would've thought you'd want to go back and watch those old programs again? If you don't catch them on TV,  you can of course now get the whole set of DVDs.

Like... The Night Gallery - remember that one? They always had the spookiest stories! (The DVD first season set has all 20 episodes from 1969-71 including the pilot movie.

Or how about this goodie - remember The Night Stalker, the reporter who focused on the supernatural ? (1972) I don't remember a lot of it but know it was a good one to watch when I could. Apparently it ran for 20 episodes.

Or how about the creepy crypt keeper in Tales from the Crypt! The series had it all - the crypt keeper and his creepy/funny puns and some great tales!  Here's the complete first season, 2005.

Going back even further, The Twilight Zone (1959) continues to be a creepy favorite with great storylines and creepy twists. It's always fun to see someone you might recognize or didn't realize was in one of the episodes. So now you can get the first season and thrill yourself to death again!

I'm sure I've missed some other great programs, so share yours. Which show did you like the best and why?

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