Monday, November 18, 2013

What's a part-zombie girl supposed to do the rest of her life?

It's not every day you get infected with the Z virus and turn into a part-zombie. Yeah, human and zombie, with all kinds of freaky quirks and a weird diet. (No, not that.)  Ugh. So, what's a 16-year-old girl supposed to do?

If you're Becca, you try to cope, but sometimes... Well, sometimes it's a bit too much to take in.

Here's another little tid-bit from GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie:

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From Chapter 8:

Frustration churned inside like a milk shake machine. It wasn't FAIR! I jumped to my feet and paced back and forth across the worn carpet.

My anger mounted. I stared again at my arms, better with the makeup but far from perfect if someone studied me too close.

It wasn't fair. It was SO NOT FAIR!

I swept my arm across the top of my desk sending the books and several of my Dia de los Muertos scenes to the floor. The small pieces scattered. The chips flew like snowflakes. Tiny cups and a vase of flowers, a skeleton in a dress broken off at the base, and a chair lay on the floor as if a mini hurricane had hit.

My eye twirled; I tripped over my own feet. Disgusted, I gathered everything up and dumped it in a box—a perfect example of my life: broken.

Let's face it, now I'd never have a real relationship, or get engaged, or get married. Not unless some new medicine or something came out.

But what if it didn't? W-would I always be like this?


Wow, I couldn't even imagine that long.

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