Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - M for Giant Monsters

* Today is the letter M for the  2015  A to Z  Blog Challenge * 

Next up on the TBR pile:

Look what I got! A great giant monster - Godzilla read - Daikaiju Attack,
 from fellow Wisconsin author Stephen D. Sullivan.  Cool or what????

What a fun idea! Steve's a pretty versatile guy, writing all kinds of stuff (including Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance, etc,), but I think this was one of his best, and most fun, reads of his recent works. I'm a fan, having grown up watching the old monster movies, (Mothra was a favorite), so this is a great take on the giant monster stories.

I admit reading this first as a serial story, but it will be fun to read it in one sitting as a whole book.  And I LOVE the colors on this book and the text. (I'm a BIG fan of bright colors.)

About the Book: 

It’s 1966. The Space Race has blasted off, the Cold War is heating up, and Giant Monsters are attacking Japan!

News photographer Akiko Natsuke’s life fell apart when she caught her boyfriend cheating. But she didn’t expect that night would literally herald the End of the World -- not until she found the creature lurking in the meteor crater. Now Japan’s top scientists and military brass are racing to protect the country from rampaging monsters, while Akiko finds herself caught between salvaging her personal life … and saving the world. - from Amazon.

** Read the full Chapter 1 --- 

Short Excerpt: (page 11)

But, no. Akiko was stronger than that. She wouldn't give Shinobu--or that tramp--the satisfaction.

 The newspapers, even the Tribune, where Akiko worked, painted Miss Tadaka as pure and innocent; that was part of her appeal.


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