Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - N for Short Fiction - Not the Best Date

**  Today is Day  5 - Letter N - of the 2015  A to Z  Blogging Challenge  **

Some more short fiction today...

I’m using story prompts from “Story Prompts that Don’t Suck.”

Prompt # 631-I don’t want to fail just because other people have terrible taste. (Taste being the inspiration here.)

Not The Best Date

I woke up today covered in mud, my clothes tattered.
   I’d been on a date with a guy who turned out to be a bad driver. Unknown to me, he’d been sucking down the beers earlier. He went too heavy on the gas and boom! The last thing I remembered was screaming as he rear-ended a car before I woke here.
    “Hey, you’ll be fine. Are you hungry?”
    I looked around in a kind of haze. Who was talking?
   Finally, my eyes focused and I looked at a guy who looked kind of hot though he had a never–in-the-sun, super-washed out kind of look and the freakiest grayish-blue eyes I’d ever seen.
   I mouthed the words and finally could talk. “Who-who are you? Where am I?
   “I carried you here. You were in a car wreck. I’m Kyle.”
   I began to panic. “Wreck?” I gazed at the blood streaked across the front of my dress.    “Don’t I need to be in the hospital? I need help!”
   “Hey, no, take it easy. Here.”
   The crinkle of a bag got my attention, but the smell. Oh, man, the scent had me trying to claw my way over there and grab the delicious source of that smell as fast as I could.
   “Easy,” he said. “Tell me your name.”
   “Alicia.” My hands flailed in the air as I grasped at the container he held just out of reach.
   “Okay, here.”
   I grabbed the contents and gobbled it down, not caring how I looked or sounded. I smacked my lips and licked the juices off my hands. “That was wonderful! What was that?”
   “Brains,” he said. “Welcome to the club. We’re both zombies.”
   “Z-zombies?” I started laughing. “Really? You’re joking, right?”
   He held up another plastic container. “Does this look like a joke?”
   I stared at the brain, disgusted at the way my mouth began to water.
   He handed over the container. “You and I have some things to talk about. Let me take you home.”
   I gorged myself and only when I was done did I stop to think. Home? I realized that I couldn’t go home. Everyone most likely thought I was dead.
   “What about my family? If they can’t find my body—“
   “Burned,” he said. “We set another body on fire after we rescued you. They’ll find burned bones and some of your DNA there.”
   My mind worked. If they did further tests, they’ll know it’s not me
   I realized there was nothing I could do about it. It was better for my family to think I was dead then to see me again... like this. Undead.
   I stared at Kyle. He wasn’t the type of guy I was usually drawn to. He looked kind of skinny, nerdy.
   I laughed as he helped me to my feet. The joke was on me, I guess. Like I had any other choices or anywhere else to go?
   “Where to?” I said.
   “A few of us share a place way out in the woods. Quiet, away from everyone. You can clean up there and one of the girls probably has some clothes to fit you. Then we’ll see about getting you a job.”
   “A job?”
   He nodded. “We still have to live, right? I work at a morgue and Joel works in a funeral home. Keeps us supplied with brains. I could use help in the office, keeping up with the records and stuff like that. We’ll get you a false ID and birth certificate and such. How’s that sound?”
   My head was in a whirl. One minute I was dead. Now I was undead, had a potential boyfriend, a job, and my own place. I had more going for me than before I died. Figure that one out.
   “I guess that’s okay. Take me home.”

 © C. Verstraete  635 words