Monday, April 13, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - K for Killer Horror Fiction

**  Today is Letter K - of the 2015  A to Z  Blogging Challenge  **

Warning: No better explanation for "killer" short fiction, right? 
Oh, and girls in horror movies should never giggle -- or hang out with guys dressed like Jason. (Sorry, they can't all be "great" fiction. haaaa!) 

I’m using story prompts from “Story Prompts that Don’t Suck.”

Prompt 576- Write a story about someone who won’t take off their Halloween costume – way after Halloween.


Halloween – Ever After

Alyssa giggled and set the drink on the table. “Hey, c’mon, the party’s over. Aren’t you going to take off your costume?”

The guy simply stared at her from behind the white Jason mask.

She got up and walked toward him, her steps a bit wobbly. Leaning close, she grabbed hold of his arms and looked into his eyes. “Hey, you got nice eyes. I thought you wanted to be with me. C’mon, no one else is around…”

No one heard her screams as he pulled out the chainsaw and revved it up.

© C. Verstraete  93 words

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  1. I love reading and one genre I haven't delved into is horror. I'm just too much of a chicken.


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