Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge: J for Not Just Zombies at Odyssey Con!

Today is the letter J in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

J is for Not-Just-Zombies! (but also horror, writing, etc.)
 Hey, I had to get the J in there and I had to post this. ha! 

Today and tomorrow I'm at Odyssey.Con in Madison, Wisc.  

Here's my schedule so far:  If you attend, say hello. 

Saturday, April 11
11 a.m. - Re-Inventing Worlds
Got a cool new vampire/faerie/zombie story you are dying to write? Putting you own spin on existing myths or folklore can be tough. Will your vampires sparkle? Will your mermaids feast on humans? Will your unicorns bite with venom? What liberties can an author take with an existing mythos, and what changes should always be off limits?
Panelists: Christine Verstraete, Jonathan Maberry, Anna Black, Monica Valentinelli

4 p.m. - Discover Local Authors
Many wonderful authors are located right here in Wisconsin! Discover them here.
Panelists: Paul Dale Anderson, Alex Bledsoe, Matt Forbeck, Christine Verstraete

10 p.m. - Frankenstein - Monster or Hero?
Since 1818 Mary Shelly's Frankenstein has captivated imaginations. Over the last two centuries, Frankenstein has been re-interpreted countless ways. Is he a monster, a hero or the original zombie?
Panelists: Christine Verstraete, W.D. Gagliani, David Benton, Georgie Schnobrich

Sunday, April 12
10 a.m. - Writing horror for Kids
Writing scary characters and subjects for YA & kids can be problematic. How do you make both kids and parents happy? Which authors push the boundaries? Are there any subjects or monsters that should always be avoided?
Panelists: Christine Verstraete, Heather Brewer, Jonathan Maberry

11 a.m. - Urban Fantasy & Mystery
Why do so many urban fantasies have a detective plot as the main thread? Who are your favorite mystery solvers?
Panelists: Christine Verstraete, Melissa Olson, W.D. Gagliani, David Benton

2 p.m . - Must-read zombie fiction
What are the best zombie books on the market? Are zombies urban fantasy, or do they have their own genre like superheroes?
Panelists: Christine Verstraete, Joe Alfano

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